Beecroft & Bull



"Tradition" can often be misinterpreted as old fashioned or narrow minded, and Beecroft & Bull is anything but. We have a strong appreciation and respect for the classics, but we also know that making our shops exciting and relevant is a key to appealing to generation after generation.


In regard to “quality," that has an important partner, "value." It’s true that quality can often come with a price tag, but each buying season involves the painstaking search for the best products we can find at a variety of price points while maintaining the standards of Beecroft & Bull. Whether it's Robert Talbott from California, Samuelsohn from our neighbors in Montreal, or Italian luxury by Canali, Isaia or Luciano Barbera, we offer a unique, distinctive balance.

Great clothing is important, but the quality of the experience is what makes us a great place to visit. We combine our slogan "Dress better than you have to" with service greater than you would expect. We share timeless guidelines of dressing well and also assist with developing your own personal style. Expert tailoring, custom clothing and the ability to visit you outside of our shops, are additional services that further separate Beecroft & Bull from the pack.

– Craig Beecroft, Owner