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Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli is more than a man and his clothing line; it is a philosophy. Brunello grew up in Castel Rigone watching his father work in an unwelcoming environment sparking his interest in becoming a “close observer of the world”. An engineering school dropout (lucky for us!), 24-year-old Brunello entered the fashion industry in 1978 with his idea of brightly dyed cashmere sweaters. The market welcomed his forward thinking in fashion providing him the catalyst he needed to develop and promote his concept of business; work that enhances the human being and ensures respect for a person's moral and economic dignity - essentially "Humanistic Capitalism."

Brunello and his wife, Frederica, moved to Solomeo, Italy in 1982 shortly after they were married. The village, close to Perguia, dated back to the twelfth century and was the perfect place for Brunello to realize his dream of developing his own luxury brand - and in the process, he revitalized the village. He purchased a fourteenth century castle and repurposed it into his corporate headquarters. From that beginning, hundreds of his employees now call Solomeo home and share in his vision of ultimate luxury...with a purpose.  

Brunello Cucinelli has since contributed to repaving roads, restoring churches - even turning the moving of company headquarters into a park development enterprise known as The Project for Beauty. Cucinelli's greatest contribution to Solomeo may have been The Forum of the Arts. The Forum, inspired by that of Ancient Rome, consists of Theater Cucinelli, which hosts plays, concerts, and ballets, sitting opposite of the Amphitheater where summer music festivals are held. There is a terraced garden called The Garden of Philosophers designed to encourage meditation and nature contemplation, and the Aurelian Neohumanistic Academy, devoted to meetings and conviviality, includes a library containing classic and modern books on art, literature, history, spirituality and philosophy. Most recently in 2013, The Forum opened the Solomeo School of Arts and Crafts with the "vision that the memory of an important humanistic factor such as craftsmanship is preserved and passed on to future generations." 

Needless to say, Brunello Cucinelli has lived a life of inspiration: From the rebirth of Solomeo, to the beautiful clothes that'll bring you to your knees. This season is no exception, which is inspired by the "clear and vital spirit of summer." The Spring 2017 collection displays "a synthesis of a new dynamic style that develops an elegance through movement, lending itself to any occasion that may arise during the course of the day."


Emily Powell

The Alaide Showroom, in the heart of midtown Manhattan, is the multi brand creation and domain of the one and only “Super Michal” Sestak.

He is without a doubt the funniest and the hardest working man on the other side of the table (wholesale). No matter how exhausted I am from pounding the New York streets day after day, I always look forward to our appointment. The brands he represents are “fantastico” and he and his supporting cast of characters never fail to entertain. 

Early on in our acquaintance, we both had a rare and simultaneous free window of time, so we adjourned to the soft clay tennis courts of Central Park where I shred him to pieces. He says he let me win, but it was an unmistakeable, thorough drubbing. He has since forgiven me and have become good friends.  

Michal Sestak 

Michal Sestak 

Inis Meáin is one of the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland, and is the most remote fashion outposts on the planet. In the beginning, survival in such a beautiful but unforgiving environment depended upon dexterity and skill. It inspired an ascetic way of life and feeling for quality which is expressed in the products of the islander's toll. Inis Meáin is constantly delving into the island's rich knitting traditions to find and reinterpret old stitches in new ways.


"Right as rain!" Also founded in Italy in the 1930's, Sealup has been synonymous with quality and design. Their technically mastered, luxury garments have traveled the globe and faced the elements with style and taste in true milanese fashion.

The collection, born in the heart of Milan, is "pure Italian expression", as it is entirely manufactured in Italy. Every Maurizio Baldassari garment is made only of the finest materials and is a reflection of the design and artisanship that is at the core of timeless Milanese simplicity.

Founded in Milan in the 1930's, Doriani is an ultra soft cashmere collection made entirely in Itay. This is to embody the hallmarks of Italian design; expert craftsmanship; a refined elegance and luxurious fabrics.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 1.17.24 PM.png

Emily Powell
Eton of sweden

"The Eton Shirt", as it was launched in 1928, can be traced to a small Swedish kitchen 20 years earlier, where Annie Pettersson began sewing dresses for family and friends.  When the Great Depression forced her husband David to close their sawmill, he joined her growing enterprise, and together they launched Syfabriken Special (Special Sewing Factory). Today, Eton has become one of the most successful shirt makers on the planet. Because of their insistence on quality, consistency, and innovation, Eton's fan base continues to grow.



At Eton high quality equals sustainability. Their mission is to produce long-lasting garments and to minimize negative environmental and social impact. Eton belives the first step to a more sustainable clothing industry is to promote durable and timeless products. Eton considers themselves product specialist meaning they can monitor every stage in the production process. They work closely with suppliers and conduct weekly visits to guarantee the highest possible quality. All suppliers are required to sign a code of conduct and code of ethics to regulate the working conditions at each supplier.  


Eton creates diverse and versatile shirts for any occasion in life. From business and formal events to your day off – there is always an Eton shirt to look good in. Summers in Sweden are short therefore the brand has become well-versed in making the most out of this brief, but amazing season. The Summer collection embodies fresh colors and smart designs that are the spirit of the season. Inspired by the beauty of Sweden's summer days and the purity of the ocean, this collection will elevate your summer wardrobe.

Emily Powell

Canali has been a paradigm of tailor-made Italian luxury and men’s elegance for more than 80 years.

Since 1934, Canali has maintained the core values of the "Made in Italy" heritage through artisanal and innovative excellence, creating sartorial masterpieces of exceptional wearability and comfort in a perfect balance of culture and history, style and taste. The Canali Tailoring Principle uses innovation to achieve aesthetic perfection, continuously renewing its styles with a meticulous attention to detail and the use of premium fabrics. A family-run company now in its third generation, Canali is a modern-day design and manufacturing group.


A new story begins; a page turns. Single threads meet and intertwine, weaving a narrative that grows, building upon itself. A protagonist materializes; a plot unfolds. Motifs appear and recur as markers on a path, leading to an end that is in itself another beginning.


Spring Summer 2017 is a tale of introspection, the beginning of a new chapter  where material takes center-stage. Craftsmanship, exceptional materials and distinctive details – pillars of a storied heritage – emerge as the central themes manifesting themselves in unstructured yet tailored silhouettes, luxurious leathers and soft-spoken but unique variations on that timeless matter of elegance.


Intersecting warps and wefts are visible on textured jackets, pants and knitwear. The palette oscillates fluently between a parentheses of steel blue and burnt sienna, taking inspiration from another kind of warp and weft – the sky and the earth – two infinite planes that greet and fade into each other along a seamless horizon. 


Emily Powell
Sewing room.jpg

Samuelsohn, Ltd. A product of the commitment, focus and perfection of founder Lesser Samuelsohn...and our best selling clothing line for more than 20 years. With demands of the consumer higher than ever, Samuelsohn remains true to the craft of a tailored suit: what makes it truly fit better and last longer. No matter how difficult or costly, the same "hymn-canvas construction" they used in 1923 is still used today. This tradition sets them apart from many modern suit makers, who have abandoned such techniques for cheaper methods, but there is an awareness that innovation is necessary to keep up with the speed and motion of contemporary life.

LOOK_05_005*_3rd2 LOGO_1500.jpg

For the Spring 2017 collection Samuelsohn pushes passion and performance by incorporating technology in tailored clothing in ways exclusive to the brand.  Jackets include treated horn buttons for added strength, Bemberg linings wick away moisture, and trousers are constructed with stretch strain waistbands for added comfort. Fabrics are hand-selected by designers of the most prestigious textile mills in the world including a wide range of super fine wools, intriguing blends of cashmere, silks, and linens as well as innovative performance weaves.


This season Samuelsohn also revolutionized the basic navy and charcoal suit with  "Ice Wool". "Shocked” rather than treated to combat the elements, this material repels water, stains, and provides stretch for the maximum performance and comfort. The result? A suit that maintains optimal body temperature by holding or reflecting heat as needed.


To Chief Creative Officer Arnold Brandt Silverstone, spring means men are "unburdened by cold weather layers; spring allows men to indulge in style trends." So, indulge! Indulge in something modern with a touch of Lyrca in your jacket, indulge in vibrant colors of fabrics dyed in the crisp elements of the Alps, even indulge in a denim suit with a peak lapel! For a closer look (and advice for how to best indulge) we encourage to you stop by our shops for the full experience that is a Samuelsohn garment.

LOOK_04_092 copy*_3rd LOGO-900.jpg
"Constructed for longevity and performance, we create luxury clothing that looks beautiful, feels beautiful and stays beautiful."

Emily Powell

All Eleventy garments are created in 94 different workshops, where the secrets of the "Made in Italy" traditions are conserved. Eleventy dresses every man who aspires self-improvement with responsible Italian elegance, and they represent a level of style and value uncommon in the marketplace.


Their ambition is to broaden the accessibility of the Italian manufacturing tradition. Collections are designed not only to satisfy the most exacting tastes, but more importantly to ensure that an ever increasing number of people worldwide choose elegance for their everyday lives. This objective was set from the very start - they are firmly convinced that the future will have room only for ethical fashion.


The 2017 Spring/Summer collection evokes a relaxed modern feel while remaining loyal to traditional tailored Italian fashion. T-shirts are worn under deconstructed blazers, pleated draw string cargo pants are shown in place of dress trousers, and city sneakers are shown with every look. The palette remains muted yet bright in various hues of beige, grey, and blue. This season, beecroft & bull is proud to host another event with this exciting new clothing company. 

Emily Powell
Luciano Barbera
What is important is to try to do the hardest of things in a more simple way. In everything that you do, whatever code of dressing you follow, you must be easy inside.

This is sprezzatura.
— Luciano Barbera
Week 2 Post.jpeg

The story that began with a Saxony windowpane suit and evolved not only into a leading luxury brand, but also a lifestyle. One of ease and quiet confidence. Inspired by the heritage and archives of their humble beginnings in the 1970’s, the Spring/Summer 2017 collection is elegant yet current, emphasizing understatement and detail through color harmony and the mixing of textures, solids, and patterns.

A continuation of the study of "sprezzatura" revisited with a contemporary view, this season acknowledges the past and speaks to the future of Italian sophistication, while maintaining our timeless sensibility. Light and luxurious fabrics in rich shades of plum, terra cotta, and summer blue, are grounded in classic navy and beige, evoking the feeling of a whirlwind holiday on Lake Como.  

Emily Powell

Robert Talbott's story is essentially the American Dream. Robert and Audrey Talbott fled New England to chase their vision of something truly unique and special on the California coast; a line of neckwear and shirtings suitable for the most sophisticated gentleman. Over half a century later Robert Talbott continues to hold true to it's founding principles maintaining it's dedication to quality and craftsmanship. But what sets Robert Talbott apart from the rest? Uncompromising materials, process, and style.


It all begins with a selection of choice materials from the most esteemed weaving mills in Europe, Australian mother of pearl buttons, exquisite silk from Europe and Asia, and long staple, Egyptian cotton yarns. These components set the canvas for the creative process, enhancing designs by the inherent superiority of the finest materials.


Robert Talbott is also one of the few clothing lines to manufacture their own pieces. This means they have a hand in every step of the process, exacting attention to every detail. From design conception, to material sourcing, to the placement of every last stitch, they have a holistic view of what it takes to create exemplary clothing.

Impeccable style is timeless and well-made clothing will always be in style. Robert Talbott recognizes its rich heritage, maintains its dedication to quality craftsmanship, and is constantly one step ahead to create a modern take on classic styles that will be inspiring for ages to come.

Emily Powell

This season makes ISAIA 60 years young! To celebrate, it was appropriate that the Spring/Summer 2017 collection embody the ever captivating island of Capri.

To current CEO Gianluca Isaia, the island itself perfectly celebrates his family's legacy. Isaia describes "the rocky terrain, which is repeatedly battered by the wind and sun, demonstrates the unstoppable force of the brand and its vibrant, unexpected nature, reflected in the ocean surrounding the island." 


As the landscape epitomizes the principles of the brand, it also inspires the clothes! Travelers have a tendency to lose themselves in the island becoming "Capri types"; dressing in colorful shirts and loud scarves regardless of nationality or individual taste. This season's color palette shows sunny yellows and blues of the sky and sea in hues specific to Capri. Fabrics feature stripes and florals reminiscent of the fifties and early sixties, and wide stripes like the awning-tops of Capri taxis.

ISAIA continues to galvanize the "New Gentleman". Fulfilling his sophisticated, dynamic personality and embracing the concept of "contemporary tradition", he stays true to his roots but constantly seeks innovation. Congratulations to ISAIA on their 60th Anniversary. We are eager to see what the next 60 will bring.


Emily Powell
b | spring 2017

announcing the release of our spring 2017 magazine


A seasonal magazine has been part of the beecroft & bull experience for many years. We put the same passion and quality into the visual representation of our clothing as we do in curating our collections and taking care of our clients. Take a quick walk through Keswick Hall - the sight of our Spring ’17 photoshoot - and then visit one of our shops to pick up a copy, and enjoy the ultimate sensation of touch.

_DSC6273 copy copy_2500.jpg

Don’t let the stoic faces of models Patrick and Lacy fool you - the Horizon Pool outside the main lodge overlooking the Pete Dye designed “Full Cry” golf course is nothing short of sublime. 

Clothing from Isaia and Luciano Barbera are appropriate when arriving at Keswick Hall. The Italianate architecture evokes the luxury of a continental hideaway. The grand entrance here is further enhanced by the vintage 1938 Packard convertible. 

A beautiful sunrise and an unseasonably warm February morning were harbingers to an epic day on the grounds of Keswick Hall.

Leather clad and bad to the bone. This may have been a first at “Fossett’s", but Lacy and Patrick provided an RPM boost at the bar before enjoying authentic al fresco dining and panoramic views of the estate’s landscape.

A special thank you to Keswick Hall for providing the perfect stage, and for their world class hospitality.

Emily Powell
"Italian designed and made, Culturata brings a distinctly modern attitude to old school craftsmanship."

In the midst of a global financial crisis and against all odds, Jacques Haggiag of Rome and Nadine Price of Montreal launched the shirting brand known as Culturata. It took passion, courage and knowledge of quality shirt making - quality outweighing all other factors. Every season Jacques & Nadine work exclusively with world renowned Italian fabric mills to develop proprietary and unique patterns, extra soft finishes and innovative washing techniques.

What makes a Culturata shirt truly the "Softest in the World"? : A finishing technique called "Mano Pesca" or the "peach fuzz effect" created by gently brushing the fabric resulting in luxurious cotton that feels like cashmere. Garments then go through enzyme washes or "lavato in capo" to break down the starch and further soften the garment.


Made in Italy. Culturata does not take this statement lightly. Sourcing the finest cotton and linen from Egypt to France, the fibers are then woven in the hillsides of Italy and constructed just outside of Rome. Each garment is produced using artisanal techniques in small runs to preserve quality and authenticity - "nurtured lovingly from start to finish, seed to garment."


Emily Powell
Peter Millar

Life. Styled.

This season, the ever evolving southern brand features new interpretations of menswear with luxury fabrics, bold patterns, and vibrant colors. 


The Crown collection emphasizes bold interpretations of classic patterns, bright colors and luxury fabrications for the office or on the town.


Crown Sport offers innovative performance apparel favored by gold professionals and gentlemen of fine taste. Each piece is well-crafted, performance enhancing with classic Peter Millar aesthetic for your active lifestyle.  


Collection blends American heritage and European sensibility. With renowned attention to detail and craftsmanship it offers a new interpretation of menswear.

Emily Powell