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All Eleventy garments are created in 94 different workshops, where the secrets of the "Made in Italy" traditions are conserved. Eleventy dresses every man who aspires self-improvement with responsible Italian elegance, and they represent a level of style and value uncommon in the marketplace.


Their ambition is to broaden the accessibility of the Italian manufacturing tradition. Collections are designed not only to satisfy the most exacting tastes, but more importantly to ensure that an ever increasing number of people worldwide choose elegance for their everyday lives. This objective was set from the very start - they are firmly convinced that the future will have room only for ethical fashion.


The 2017 Spring/Summer collection evokes a relaxed modern feel while remaining loyal to traditional tailored Italian fashion. T-shirts are worn under deconstructed blazers, pleated draw string cargo pants are shown in place of dress trousers, and city sneakers are shown with every look. The palette remains muted yet bright in various hues of beige, grey, and blue. This season, beecroft & bull is proud to host another event with this exciting new clothing company. 

Emily Powell