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Eton of sweden


"The Eton Shirt", as it was launched in 1928, can be traced to a small Swedish kitchen 20 years earlier, where Annie Pettersson began sewing dresses for family and friends.  When the Great Depression forced her husband David to close their sawmill, he joined her growing enterprise, and together they launched Syfabriken Special (Special Sewing Factory). Today, Eton has become one of the most successful shirt makers on the planet. Because of their insistence on quality, consistency, and innovation, Eton's fan base continues to grow.



At Eton high quality equals sustainability. Their mission is to produce long-lasting garments and to minimize negative environmental and social impact. Eton belives the first step to a more sustainable clothing industry is to promote durable and timeless products. Eton considers themselves product specialist meaning they can monitor every stage in the production process. They work closely with suppliers and conduct weekly visits to guarantee the highest possible quality. All suppliers are required to sign a code of conduct and code of ethics to regulate the working conditions at each supplier.  


Eton creates diverse and versatile shirts for any occasion in life. From business and formal events to your day off – there is always an Eton shirt to look good in. Summers in Sweden are short therefore the brand has become well-versed in making the most out of this brief, but amazing season. The Summer collection embodies fresh colors and smart designs that are the spirit of the season. Inspired by the beauty of Sweden's summer days and the purity of the ocean, this collection will elevate your summer wardrobe.

Emily Powell