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Samuelsohn, Ltd. A product of the commitment, focus and perfection of founder Lesser Samuelsohn...and our best selling clothing line for more than 20 years. With demands of the consumer higher than ever, Samuelsohn remains true to the craft of a tailored suit: what makes it truly fit better and last longer. No matter how difficult or costly, the same "hymn-canvas construction" they used in 1923 is still used today. This tradition sets them apart from many modern suit makers, who have abandoned such techniques for cheaper methods, but there is an awareness that innovation is necessary to keep up with the speed and motion of contemporary life.

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For the Spring 2017 collection Samuelsohn pushes passion and performance by incorporating technology in tailored clothing in ways exclusive to the brand.  Jackets include treated horn buttons for added strength, Bemberg linings wick away moisture, and trousers are constructed with stretch strain waistbands for added comfort. Fabrics are hand-selected by designers of the most prestigious textile mills in the world including a wide range of super fine wools, intriguing blends of cashmere, silks, and linens as well as innovative performance weaves.


This season Samuelsohn also revolutionized the basic navy and charcoal suit with  "Ice Wool". "Shocked” rather than treated to combat the elements, this material repels water, stains, and provides stretch for the maximum performance and comfort. The result? A suit that maintains optimal body temperature by holding or reflecting heat as needed.


To Chief Creative Officer Arnold Brandt Silverstone, spring means men are "unburdened by cold weather layers; spring allows men to indulge in style trends." So, indulge! Indulge in something modern with a touch of Lyrca in your jacket, indulge in vibrant colors of fabrics dyed in the crisp elements of the Alps, even indulge in a denim suit with a peak lapel! For a closer look (and advice for how to best indulge) we encourage to you stop by our shops for the full experience that is a Samuelsohn garment.

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"Constructed for longevity and performance, we create luxury clothing that looks beautiful, feels beautiful and stays beautiful."

Emily Powell