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Luciano Barbera

What is important is to try to do the hardest of things in a more simple way. In everything that you do, whatever code of dressing you follow, you must be easy inside.

This is sprezzatura.
— Luciano Barbera
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The story that began with a Saxony windowpane suit and evolved not only into a leading luxury brand, but also a lifestyle. One of ease and quiet confidence. Inspired by the heritage and archives of their humble beginnings in the 1970’s, the Spring/Summer 2017 collection is elegant yet current, emphasizing understatement and detail through color harmony and the mixing of textures, solids, and patterns.

A continuation of the study of "sprezzatura" revisited with a contemporary view, this season acknowledges the past and speaks to the future of Italian sophistication, while maintaining our timeless sensibility. Light and luxurious fabrics in rich shades of plum, terra cotta, and summer blue, are grounded in classic navy and beige, evoking the feeling of a whirlwind holiday on Lake Como.  

Emily Powell