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Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli is more than a man and his clothing line; it is a philosophy. Brunello grew up in Castel Rigone watching his father work in an unwelcoming environment sparking his interest in becoming a “close observer of the world”. An engineering school dropout (lucky for us!), 24-year-old Brunello entered the fashion industry in 1978 with his idea of brightly dyed cashmere sweaters. The market welcomed his forward thinking in fashion providing him the catalyst he needed to develop and promote his concept of business; work that enhances the human being and ensures respect for a person's moral and economic dignity - essentially "Humanistic Capitalism."

Brunello and his wife, Frederica, moved to Solomeo, Italy in 1982 shortly after they were married. The village, close to Perguia, dated back to the twelfth century and was the perfect place for Brunello to realize his dream of developing his own luxury brand - and in the process, he revitalized the village. He purchased a fourteenth century castle and repurposed it into his corporate headquarters. From that beginning, hundreds of his employees now call Solomeo home and share in his vision of ultimate luxury...with a purpose.  

Brunello Cucinelli has since contributed to repaving roads, restoring churches - even turning the moving of company headquarters into a park development enterprise known as The Project for Beauty. Cucinelli's greatest contribution to Solomeo may have been The Forum of the Arts. The Forum, inspired by that of Ancient Rome, consists of Theater Cucinelli, which hosts plays, concerts, and ballets, sitting opposite of the Amphitheater where summer music festivals are held. There is a terraced garden called The Garden of Philosophers designed to encourage meditation and nature contemplation, and the Aurelian Neohumanistic Academy, devoted to meetings and conviviality, includes a library containing classic and modern books on art, literature, history, spirituality and philosophy. Most recently in 2013, The Forum opened the Solomeo School of Arts and Crafts with the "vision that the memory of an important humanistic factor such as craftsmanship is preserved and passed on to future generations." 

Needless to say, Brunello Cucinelli has lived a life of inspiration: From the rebirth of Solomeo, to the beautiful clothes that'll bring you to your knees. This season is no exception, which is inspired by the "clear and vital spirit of summer." The Spring 2017 collection displays "a synthesis of a new dynamic style that develops an elegance through movement, lending itself to any occasion that may arise during the course of the day."


Emily Powell