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This season makes ISAIA 60 years young! To celebrate, it was appropriate that the Spring/Summer 2017 collection embody the ever captivating island of Capri.

To current CEO Gianluca Isaia, the island itself perfectly celebrates his family's legacy. Isaia describes "the rocky terrain, which is repeatedly battered by the wind and sun, demonstrates the unstoppable force of the brand and its vibrant, unexpected nature, reflected in the ocean surrounding the island." 


As the landscape epitomizes the principles of the brand, it also inspires the clothes! Travelers have a tendency to lose themselves in the island becoming "Capri types"; dressing in colorful shirts and loud scarves regardless of nationality or individual taste. This season's color palette shows sunny yellows and blues of the sky and sea in hues specific to Capri. Fabrics feature stripes and florals reminiscent of the fifties and early sixties, and wide stripes like the awning-tops of Capri taxis.

ISAIA continues to galvanize the "New Gentleman". Fulfilling his sophisticated, dynamic personality and embracing the concept of "contemporary tradition", he stays true to his roots but constantly seeks innovation. Congratulations to ISAIA on their 60th Anniversary. We are eager to see what the next 60 will bring.


Emily Powell