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“In our 58 year history, I can count on one hand the number of brands that have had a significant impact in our business…Samuelsohn is clearly one of them.”  -Craig Beecroft.


A goal to be the best demands a commitment to the highest level of detail and craftsmanship.  That was the mission in 1923, when Master Tailor Lesser Samuelsohn set out on his journey to become one of the finest suit makers in North America.

Emigrating with his family from Lodz, Poland to Rochester, New York in the late 1800’s, the young Samuelsohn immediately landed in the epicenter of the men’s clothing trade in the United States.  Samuelsohn became a student of design and tailoring setting his sights on creating his own brand of fine men’s clothing.   His mission was singular and focused: to produce the finest garments possible. 


Lesser Samuelsohn - ever the perfectionist - held high standards for the suits he would wear personally.  Legend has it that as he began his clothing company, he did not deem Samuelsohn suits worthy enough for his own use and instead had his own pieces custom tailored in Toronto.  He would not make a long-standing habit of this obsessive trait; before long, he and his team proudly wore their own brand.


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Building upon the pursuit of expert craftsmanship and tailoring, the next generation of the Samuelsohn family entered the business.  Lesser’s son-in-law Cooney Samuelsohn quickly developed a similar reputation for attention to quality and detail.  It was through Cooney’s dedication that the Samuelsohn brand grew throughout Canada.  Reflecting on these growth years, Cooney stated that all Samuelsohn tailors truly “sewed a little heart into every suit.”


“We first experimented with Samuelsohn in the late ’80’s after they relaxed their exclusive US partnership with retail great, Paul Stuart,” explains Craig Beecroft.  “It was a nice product, but we were ‘brand heavy’ at the time and Samuelsohn struggled to gain any footing.   A few years later, a couple of our historically key brands stumbled a bit.  We felt that in order to maintain our level of customer service, we needed shake to things up.  We decided to give them another try and have never looked back.”   What iced Samuelsohn for the Beecroft family was their ability to deliver quality and value, season after season.  They offered fabrics from the finest mills in the world and the execution of their product was right on the mark.   “The backbone of our business is ‘trust’…it has to be earned and then maintained.  It starts with the brands we choose to represent and carries through to the clients we are grateful to serve.  Samuelsohn has never let us down.”  


Stephen Granovsky, current owner of the company and of Luxury Men’s Apparel Group, is truly taking the brand to the next level while not losing sight of the values on which it was originally founded.  Samuelsohn remains true to the craft of the tailored suit.  Virtually all Samuelsohn suits are constructed the old-fashioned way, relying on a costly and difficult process called “hymo-canvas construction”.  Even though many other suit makers have abandoned this practice in favor of the much cheaper “fusing” method, Samuelsohn depends on this tradition of tailoring and craftsmanship because it simply makes for a better fitting and longer lasting garment - the hallmarks of real value.


Samuelsohn has emerged from yet another volatile time in the international retail landscape, not only intact, but as one of its leaders.  Through constant innovation and improvement in all facets of their business, be it their customer care and in stock services, quality control, or the further development of their Made-to-Measure program, Samuelsohn is at the top of their class.  They have made themselves invaluable to the clients they serve, and in turn, to the legions of Beecroft & Bull faithful who proudly wear their clothing.


Emily Powell