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Each season we work with our partners at otto design + marketing to create our bi-annual album. We draw from what inspires - be it music, art, nature, cool buildings, cars, and of course, beautiful clothing. In the digital age, we still believe this fundamental method of communication plays a vital role, especially in the world of luxury that we are so humbled to be a part of. Just as we exist to serve those who prefer to touch and feel over clicking "buy now" online, we also believe this more accurately brings to life the items we carefully curate each season for you to enjoy. Our digital messages compliment, but cannot substitute, a well designed and artfully crafted piece that you can hold in your hands, and hopefully serve to inspire. Our shops provide an experience that is uncommon in retail. Our album is an extension of that effort.

In our video documenting the album, Alanis Morissette delivers raw emotions through her voice and her lyrics.  Those same passions are carried out in the moments that Mark Atkinson & Co. stage to capture the essence and beauty of the pieces worn by our longtime friend and ambassador, Patrick Ryan.  Lighting, color, and energy all play a part in executing each image and translating our message. When we "really explore the space” (The Bruce Dickinson), we look to find ways to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. “More cowbell” in this session was provided by the lovely Kara Rochester who modeled fashions by Trish. 


For the fall ’16 shoot, we were fortunate to gain access to the Slover Library, located in downtown Norfolk.  This impressive accomplishment of architecture and design made a wonderful backdrop for the story we told this season.  And for the record, what a cool library!  Glass, steel, and technology all came together to create a one of a kind asset to the Norfolk community.  


We hope that you take a moment to enjoy this video and witness some of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into creating our seasonal album.  And then, please drop by to pick up a copy if you don't have one. (It is featured on our website, but it’s just not the same!) We look forward to seeing you.

Emily Powell