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“The subtle pleasure of feeling unique and the art of self-expression through fit, fabric and color.”

These words provide a translation to the quality and passion that live inside the Canali brand.  For Fall 2016, Beecroft & Bull is proud to continue our commitment to offering the finest clothing in the world.   We were introduced to Canali soon after we discovered Italian manufacturing in the late 1980’s, and it is a relationship that is as strong as ever.



The Canali story dates back to 1934 during a renaissance period in Italian fashion.  Giacomo and Giovanni Canali set out to make their name first as fine suit makers, blending culture and history with sophistication and style.  Today, the third generation of the Canali family is at the helm of what is one of the most recognizable and respected labels in the industry.  While some Italian manufacturers outsource beyond their borders, Canali takes “Made in Italy” to heart by making all of their collections in Italy.  This measure ensures their identity as well as their timeless Italian style.     


The hallmark of a Canali garment is the marriage of luxury and consistency.  Every bolt selected from the world’s finest mills is carefully inspected by hand for the smallest of defects.  After WWII the family greatly expanded their manufacturing.  To maintain quality, they pioneered many steps in the tailoring process, but not without controversy.  In 1970 they were the first to introduce mechanized cutting machines…unheard of in Italy at the time.  Hand cutting was a romantic but costly procedure, and was fraught with irregularities.  What was frowned upon as heresy soon became the standard in the industry. The hands take back over as certain steps are impossible to replicate through automation.  Each garment is put together and finished by only the finest tailors, who often specialize solely in a single operation.  The end result is a garment that maintains its shape while providing extra movement and agility.


Part of the culture on the factory floor is friendly competition on who can dress the most beautifully.  Passion, pride and quintessential Italian style work in concert with skill and precision to create clothing that is a pleasure to look at and wear.      


Creativity and excellence are two powerful forces when managed properly.  Canali embraces these ideals, and ultimately delivers each season.  Their Fall 2016 collection does not disappoint.  This season, they subtly revisit the tenets of classic menswear.  Performance-focused fabrics, new contrasts and textures provide unique touches to a distinctive collection that has been designed for the modern-day gentleman.  The color palette comprises a versatile foundation of blacks, browns and blues in varying shades while the silhouette of jackets and pants tends to follow the natural contours of the body for a comfortable and contemporary fit.  Technical materials take center stage, providing resistant and refined protection against wear and tear – perfect for those who are constantly on the go.


In response to growing international demand, Canali now offers a Made-to-Measure (or Su Misura) service.  The opportunity to wear full custom Canali is more than a luxury; it is a treasure.  Our customers are taken on a journey that is both adventurous and methodical.  Every detail and measurement is recorded with care to ensure that the customer’s own tastes and needs are brought to life.   The Made-to-Measure experience is exclusive to selected retailers, and is a study in personalized distinction.  


Continued focus on the individual blends beautifully with the Beecroft & Bull experience.  We strive to remain mindful of the evolution in the marketplace and well as the shifting demands of our individual clients.  To that end we choose to associate with brands that share in that quest.  As they have from their beginnings, Canali interweaves leading edge technology with sophisticated manual skills.  Tradition and experimentation, and innovation and excellence, are elements that come together in the creation of premium quality collections we are proud to represent, season after season.  


Self expression can be realized through a variety of mediums: Fashion, art, music, cuisine, and countless other forms.  Whatever you embrace, do it with full vigor and gusto.


Emily Powell