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Peter Millar


Peter Millar is one of the most sought after and fastest growing brands in the market. It all began with a man consumed by the realization that there were no value priced cashmere sweaters in the market. In 2001, Peter Millar was born with such a singular item.


Who is “Peter Millar”? The name was inscribed on the inset of an antique lawn bowling ball that was gifted to the founder by his mother.  To him it evoked a certain prestige associated with a time when people embraced old world sophistication and finer dressing. From this vision, Peter Millar grew to represent classic styling and superior craftsmanship with an accessible price point. It combines the essences of both American authenticity and European panache—emblematic of the confidence and charisma of the person who wears it.


The company prides itself on creating a new standard in discerning menswear. From smart design to coy marketing, every aspect of Peter Millar is dedicated to maintaining their enviable status in today’s specialty retailing. Research begins in the design studio with the “Share of Closet” - a discussion of what the Peter Millar guy has in his closet, and what he needs from point A to Z and all points in between:  In the boardroom? The course to clubhouse? The beach? The mountains? Going from the boardroom to the course? Or stopping in the mountains on his way to the beach? (Are you following?! Stay with me!) Meanwhile, merchandisers consume themselves in current trends, predicting future ones, and respecting the successes of the past. Peter Millar maintains this balance of being mindful of the past, present and future, ever respectful of their original fans and responsive to their growing audience. 


An interesting point to note is that Peter Millar’s popularity has expanded without delving into mass marketing. They only advertise in two national publications, Garden & Gunn and the Wall Street Journal. With this modest approach, Peter Millar is able to put more resources into their product rather than a marketing machine, and as a result, continue to provide accessible elegance at an honest price.  


A Beecroft & Bull staple, Peter Millar has been on our shelves for the past 15 years.  “Peter Millar burst onto the scene when other brands were getting stale” says manager and buyer Tom Tatum, a Millar enthusiast. “Their collections always excite. Every season is a move forward…they stay relevant and increase quality while keeping value in mind. They have proven consistent and dependable, but keeps our interest with the depth of each collection and constant innovation. They have evolved into a comprehensive lifestyle brand.”  Every woven print is designed in house and copyrighted ensuring its exclusivity for the year. Fabrications are an ongoing experiment - an endless mingling of fibers, finishes, and treatments to achieve a softer touch, a better fit, and high performance for reasonable care.


Peter Millar’s most recent launch, the Collection, is a luxury capsule focusing on the finer attributes of menswear.  Distinguished by purveying the highest quality fabrics and materials, Collection updates classic constructions with modern appeal. Sport shirts are created with details reminiscent of bespoke tailoring such as slightly lowered collars, clean French plackets, mitered cuffs and mother-of-pearl buttons. Soft coats and outerwear feature Italian workmanship and exclusive fabrications from famed European mills and tanneries. 


With its wide range of options and high taste level, Peter Millar is a natural component of the well dressed southern man. The brand stays true to their vision and customer, and in return, we remain loyal season after season, year after year. As a reward for being an avid follower of Peter Millar and the Beecroft & Bull Journal, here’s a hint as to what’s coming for Spring 2017: Imagine if you could knit deliciously smooth, yet light and fluffy honey butter into a sweater. A classic with a twist, stay tuned…

Emily Powell