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The Alaide Showroom, in the heart of midtown Manhattan, is the multi brand creation and domain of the one and only “Super Michal” Sestak.

He is without a doubt the funniest and the hardest working man on the other side of the table (wholesale). No matter how exhausted I am from pounding the New York streets day after day, I always look forward to our appointment. The brands he represents are “fantastico” and he and his supporting cast of characters never fail to entertain. 

Early on in our acquaintance, we both had a rare and simultaneous free window of time, so we adjourned to the soft clay tennis courts of Central Park where I shred him to pieces. He says he let me win, but it was an unmistakeable, thorough drubbing. He has since forgiven me and have become good friends.  



Inis Meáin is one of the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland, and is the most remote fashion outposts on the planet. In the beginning, survival in such a beautiful but unforgiving environment depended upon dexterity and skill. It inspired an ascetic way of life and feeling for quality which is expressed in the products of the islander's toll. Inis Meáin is constantly delving into the island's rich knitting traditions to find and reinterpret old stitches in new ways.



The collection, born in the heart of Milan, is "pure Italian expression", as it is entirely manufactured in Italy. Every Maurizio Baldassari garment is made only of the finest materials and is a reflection of the design and artisanship that is at the core of timeless Milanese simplicity.



"Right as rain!" Also founded in Italy in the 1930's, Sealup has been synonymous with quality and design. Their technically mastered, luxury garments have traveled the globe and faced the elements with style and taste in true milanese fashion.



Founded in Milan in the 1930's, Doriani is an ultra soft cashmere collection made entirely in Itay. This is to embody the hallmarks of Italian design; expert craftsmanship; a refined elegance and luxurious fabrics.


Emily Powell