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Coral red. It is the very essence of the ISAIA brand and represents the true Neapolitan character and spirit - one that explodes into color. Red is evident all throughout Napoli; from tomatoes in cuisine, to the blood of San Gennaro and the lava of Vesuvius. Coral; a precious charm from the sea, a mysterious amulet, and the symbol of a primitive religion.  It is also a sign of an archaic strength and fervent passion.

Neapolitan tailoring dates back to the 14th century with the birth of Confraternita dell’arte dei Giubbonai e Cositori, or the Brotherhood of the Jacket Makers and of the Tailors, the oldest existing tailoring association.  The region gave birth to healthy wool and silk weaving trades as a means to support the manufacturing of luxury garments for European royalty and aristocracy.  Centuries passed, and the passion for these wares continued to grow.  It was in 1920 when Enrico Isaia opened a small drapers shop in Naples, where he began to sell carefully selected fabrics from Italian and English mills for the production of men’s tailored garments.

More than 30 years later in 1957, Isaia relocated his business to the fabled tailoring town of Casalnuovo, located just outside of Naples, in order to fully immerse himself in this rich tailoring tradition.  At that time, half of its 15,000 residents listed their profession as tailor.  Three of those tailors included Isaia’s sons Enrico, Corrado and Rosario. They opened a small workshop next to his draper’s store and employed a few of the town’s very skilled artisans.  And thus, the tailoring company named ISAIA was born.

ISAIA. Where tradition meets innovation, and the heritage of Napoli becomes a passion. This same passion vibrates in the “new gentlemen” that seek ISAIA, one of the most inspired lines offered by Beecroft & Bull. These are sophisticated men of dynamic personality who embrace the concept of “contemporary tradition”.  They respect the revered Neapolitan sartorial tradition of tailoring re-interpreted in a 21st century manner. Their taste in clothing, like many other preferences, is an extension of their lifestyle, not merely a collection of items. 

This is not to say that this new gentleman isn’t acutely aware of labels and symbols that speak directly to his soul. The red ISAIA tag and accompanying red coral lapel pin quickly represent a product of investment grade and uncompromising value in a sea of mediocrity. He is assured of quality materials as well as the wearability and comfort necessary to keep up with his unique demands.

red is the new black

“The ISAIA experience is unlike any other in New York”, explains Craig Beecroft. “Upon entering the showroom, one is beautifully bombarded with a fearless jolt of color that has become a rarity in the market. One mannequin after another is trimmed in what my brother Bryan coined as ‘box rippers’. (When boxes arrived at the store from certain manufacturers, we would excitedly rip them open to get at what was inside!)”

When describing the mind set when buying the line, he says, “it’s all about what we regard as ‘signature ISAIA’. It is easy and difficult all at once. The easy part is finding items we love that clients can automatically identify as ISAIA…the hard part is not being able to buy it all! There is an annoying concept in the business known as ‘a budget’, so we have to reel ourselves in and curate each collection to what we like best, what we are confident we can sell, and what will compliment the other brands in our stores. It’s delightfully painful!”

“The Fall 2016 Collection” he goes on to say, “is again representative of ISAIA’s hallmark of using colorful textiles unique in the marketplace while forgetting the essence of the sophisticated, well dressed man. Their Made-to-Measure offerings, which are a hyper extension our seasonal purchases, are unmatched in the industry and will be on display Thursday, October 20th at our River Road II location in Richmond.” Beecroft & Bull’s location in Va Beach also has the full collection of Made-to-Measure fabrications. 

Red is the new black.                  

Emily Powell